This Space exists to destigmatise, without romanticising, mental health. It’s a space for everything from poetry to prose, from personal accounts to scientific pieces, and from fine art to comics. It does not exist to tell anyone what to do or how to feel, but we hope that what it will provide is an insight into a variety of perspectives on mental health, some relatable, some informative. No two people are the same, and no two people’s experience of mental health is the same. This Space is for respecting the voices of individuals and debunking stereotypes, and, through doing so, creating a community.

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Meet the Team

Megan Dalton

Founder and Editor

Megan works for Central London Samaritans, having recently studied English Literature. Previous work in mental health advocacy includes involvement in the devising and performing of verbatim theatre project ‘Snap Out Of It’, and appearing on various panel discussions. She also produced the artwork for This Space, and has a love for postcards and thick knitwear.

Georgia Macqueen Black

Publicity Co-ordinator

Georgia recently graduated from Cambridge with a degree in English Literature. She is now living in London, working part-time for a digital project that will tell the story of the British disability arts movement. She also loves writing, singing and is slowly but surely getting better at the guitar.

Harriet Cartledge


Harriet graduated from Cambridge in June 2014, having studied the highly relevant subject of Classics. She believes that having an open space to talk and learn about mental health can only be a good thing. In her spare time, she writes stand-up comedy and reads pseudo-intellectual books.

David Neal


David studies medicine at the University of Cambridge, from where he recently graduated with a degree specialising in behavioural science and psychology. His interest in mental health comes from witnessing experiences of family and friends. He is a writer of flash fiction and short stories and is a Non-Executive Director of global health think tank Polygeia.

Jack Powell


Jack teaches European Literature and Theatre in Warsaw, Poland and has previously been involved in mental health advocacy through work on student welfare, LGBTQ+ campaigns and his own experiences as a patient. In his free time, Jack enjoys drinking coffee and listening to the work of Lana Del Rey on a continuous loop.

Michael Zervos


Michael is a clinical medical student at UCL, finally learning how to apply knowledge to actually help people. With a BA in anthropology he is keen to understand the way humans work, and often conducts his research at dinner parties and bars.

Amelia Rowan


Amelia is a teacher of Anthropology, Psychology, and various other subjects that will make her students incredibly employable in the future. She has described herself as ‘Mental Health’s Number One Fan’ (#MentalHealth4DaWin), and in her free time enjoys short walks and fluorescently-lit dinners.

Ciaran Lawlor

Website Developer

Ciaran is in his second year, studying Computer Science, but don’t let that put you off. He’d like to see This Space grow into a welcoming and active community; and he’s trying his best to help, despite feeling more at home writing code rather than words.

Henry St Leger


Henry graduated from Cambridge last year with a degree in English Literature. He works predominately in press relations and arts editorial, with additional passions in poetry, video games, and running other people’s finances.

Louise Spence

Website Designer

Louise is a third year English Literature student all the way up north in the nether reaches of Scotland, with a love of photography, hidden coffee shops and melted marshmallows.